If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Thanks to you and your team for brightening my smile for my wedding. My Aunt Rosie said, ‘Laurie, you have the prettiest white teeth.’ Going to the dentist is kinda fun because of you and your fantastic team.” – Laurie K.

“You will not find a more expert, honest, patient, and friendly dentist than Dr. Camfield. I can personally attest to the superb quality and longevity of his work on me and my family. He and his staff are always upbeat and helpful, no matter how challenging the patient (and I have referred some very challenging patients to him over the years). Dr. Camfield and his team are always attentive to patient comfort, while providing top quality dentistry. I once asked him to ‘invent’ an appliance that I needed to help me deal with an issue regarding my C-pap machine. He came through beautifully, just as I knew he would and my sleep doctor was extremely impressed with his work as well. Bottom line: Dr. C is as good as it gets.” – Brent B.

“I wanted to thank you for your care. I love seeing what a great practice you have created. Every doctor should aspire to achieve the level of professionalism that you and your team have. Thank you for all you do for my family.” – Joe G.

“Dr. Camfield and his team have created a fun, easy going, and high tech office. I am always greeted with a smile and I leave with an even bigger one.” – Jack S.

“It has been several months now since the final step of my implant and I wanted to write you to let you know how pleased I am with the entire process. I was a little nervous, but you and your team did a great job of showing me and explaining how the process worked in advance of the implant placement. I must admit, it went smoother than expected. The end result is beautiful. My new implant tooth feels and appears like the tooth I was born with.” – Rex P.

“Please know how very much I appreciated the time and effort you took to whiten my teeth. It made such a difference in how I saw my smile and my husband was also pleased. Thank you for your excellent care, your sensitivity, and your generosity.” – Marylen M.

The dental supplies you gathered for us are very appreciated. We are grateful for you generosity and help for the communal support effort for the homeless.” – Kate F.

“Dr. Camfield is at the top of his profession, recognized by Saint Louis Magazine as one of the top dentists in Saint Louis for several years running. If you are looking for a dentist that is compassionate, professional, and an expert in general dentistry and implant technology, then please give his office manager Karen a call and set up an appointment.” – Matthew G.

“My wife Janet and I highly recommend Dr. Camfield and his dental practice in Creve Coeur. He is an excellent dentist and his entire staff is most friendly and caring. When selecting a dentist was important to us to have a skilled professional and we feel Dr. Camfield’s warm personality is a plus. The group includes excellent dental hygienists who have been important to our long-term dental health. Both of us remember past dental experiences before we selected Dr. Camfield and at times, we dreaded going to the dentist. That is all in the past as we feel we are receiving excellent care from a skilled and attentive practice that has the most up to date equipment and treatment. We feel anyone who is looking for the best dental care would welcome the opportunity of becoming a patient of Dr. Camfield and his team.” – John and Janet L.

"Dr. C replaced three of my missing teeth on the upper left and did an AMAZING job!  I have no problems with my implant teeth.  The process was explained very throroughly and went according to schedule.  My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Camfield's for ten years and we are both very satisfied with his team and their quality of care.  They are very professional, and I always leave with a smile on my face." - Carole S.

"Dr. Camfield recently performed Guided Implant Surgery on my problematic teeth.  Problematic, because I am 74 years old and and the implants are in an area that required bone grafts.  Dr. Camfield thoroughly explained everything.  I asked more questions immediately before the procedure.  Dr. Camfield listened intently and thoroughly answered each question.  If you are considering implants, I highly recommend Dr. Camfield and his professional staff." - K. Nixon

"Dr. Camfield and his team do a great job!  I've had 11 dental implants placed via the guided surgery technique.  The procedure was explained to me in great detail and the utmost care was taken throughout.  I experience zero discomfort.  The resulting crowns have served me well and I have received many compliments on my smile."    - Steve W.



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